WordPress 'too many redirects' error


A common error that happens to WordPress sites is the 'infinite redirect' error. This can appear differently depending on your browser. For example:


"The page isn't redirecting properly"
"The page isn't working"

Causes of the error

This error is usually caused because the HOME and SITE URL within WordPress is not configured correctly. For example, if your site is example.com, the Home and Site URL in your database should point to:

  • https://example.com

If the Home and Site URL add 'www' to the URL, it may appear like this in your database:

  • https://www.example.com

This will cause your site to redirect in a loop.

Other causes

There are a few other reasons your site could redirect.


It's possible that a plugin you added to your site has caused the redirect. Try disabling your plugins to confirm if that is the cause.

.htaccess file

Your .htaccess file may have a redirect set up somewhere. Open the .htaccess file and view its contents. Look for anything redirecting your site to a different URL.

Cloudflare configuration

If you have added an SSL certificate to your website and are also using Cloudflare, you must configure some settings at Cloudflare. There is a setting in your Cloudflare panel to set your SSL certificate to use a specific type. This should be set to 'Full (strict)'. View the following article for full instructions:

Fixing the error

View the following article for options on how to resolve this error.

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