How to connect the WordPress mobile app to DreamHost WordPress sites


You can manage your WordPress site hosted on DreamHost from anywhere with your mobile devices, using the WordPress app. Whether you use an iOS or Android device, your blog posts and administrative tasks don’t have to be done on a desktop computer.

Getting started

  1. Go to the app store on your mobile device.
  2. Download the WordPress app from the iOS or Android app store to get started.
  3. After you install and launch the app, add your WordPress site (you can add more than one site on the same app).

Setting up a site

The following setup instructions are based on iOS version 13, using an iPhone.

  1. Open the WordPress app.
  2. Touch the Log In button.
  3. Touch the entering your site address link.
  4. Enter the address for your WordPress site.
  5. Enter the Username and Password for your WordPress site.
    When the app accesses your account, the following screen opens:
  6. Under 'MY SITE', touch your site's name.
    The admin page for your website opens, where you can manage your Site Pages, Blog Posts, Media, and Comments:

Viewing and adding new blog posts

  1. Touch the Blog Posts link to open a list of posts published on your site.
  2. To add a new post, touch the icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.
    The editor opens where you can add a title and the body of the post, with a basic visual formatting aid. You can also revert to HTML editing by clicking the HTML button if you wish:

Adding images

Adding images is simple and you can do it directly from your mobile device:


Using the gear icon

To change the post settings, touch the gear icon at the top the editing window and add the appropriate category, tags, and schedule for publication. Once you finish editing it, touch the Publish button and enjoy your first post from mobile:


Publish on the go


The WordPress mobile app is a great way to blog from the road and publish quick posts with images you take on your phone or tablet. It’s also a great tool to read and moderate comments from the comfort of a couch or while on the go.

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