Getting started with Remixer

What is Remixer?

Remixer is an easy-to-use, click-to-edit site builder, that requires no coding experience whatsoever. You build your entire site within the Remixer panel, so there are no HTML/CSS/JavaScript files to upload.

You can explore an assortment of mobile-friendly, designer themes and launch your new website in minutes. DreamHost created the new Remixer web application to aid those who are unfamiliar in web design or simply wish to create a site quickly and easily.

Also, you won't have to deal with any time consuming maintenance issues like WordPress updates or site hacks. Remixer is different from DreamHost's other hosting products in that it’s hosted on its cloud network, instead of a traditional web server (such as Shared, VPS, or Dedicated).

Getting started

First, you need to log into the Remixer panel. Visit and enter the same account owner login credentials you use for the DreamHost panel.

Google Chrome browser is preferred.

Creating your site

Review the following two links for articles on how to create your Remixer site:

You can also submit an email for any Remixer-related support.

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