Adjusting colors in Remixer


You can adjust color for text and non-image background areas within a 'Web Section'. You can customize colors using the color slider bar, via hex code entry, or by clicking on a suggested previous color, in the color picker options.

Adjusting text color

Click on the text you wish to adjust color for. You'll see it highlighted and the text-edit toolbar will pop up below. On the top right, click the color droplet icon. This opens the color customization panel.

Custom Color tab

Top right box — This is a manual entry box for hex color codes. View a site such as to obtain a hex code. 

Below you will see 3 horizontal slider bars, each with their own purpose.

Top slider — Select the general color range.

Middle slider — Choose the specific color within that general color range. This will automatically apply the change.

Last slider — Adjust opacity of your text (example: fading effect).

Square box — On the bottom right is a preview of the customized color.

Previous Color tab

You may also click on the Previous Color tab to see suggested colors, or a history of color changes.

Adjust background color for a web section

To adjust the background color of a web section, click on the color palette icon in top right corner. You will see separate tabs for Palette, History, and Custom.

Palette — Suggested color options.

History — Displays previous colors used on the page.

Custom — This tab has the same customization options as the text color editor mentioned above.

Colors can not be changed for background colors on text buttons.

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