Features not supported in Remixer

Remixer does not currently support the following features:

  • Account Privileges (Sub-users will be unable to edit or publish Remixer projects. Remixer only works from the main DreamHost account holder login).
  • Drag and Drop editing (Remixer is more of a click-to-edit experience).
  • Adding text or images in any location (Each 'Web Section' has a pre-designed format where images can be added).
  • Resizing 'Web Sections' or text/image/video content within a 'Web Section'.
  • Custom favicons (those little icons that appear in browser tabs).
  • Hyperlinks that open in a new tab.
  • Jabber IM.
  • eCommerce (SSL certificates are not currently supported. You can hyperlink your products for sale to third-party hosted vendors (for example, Amazon, iTunes, Etsy, eBay, etc).
  • PDF/Doc file uploads. You can host those at Dropbox or Google Drive and add a hyperlink on your Remixer page.
  • Editing Remixer code (no code snippets/inserts, widgets, or editing of existing Remixer or HTML code).
  • Image compression (It's best practice to keep your image file sizes optimized prior to uploading, for faster page loading).
  • Password-protected pages.
  • Custom 404 (Page not found) pages.
  • Calendar or scheduler program.
  • Video or audio auto-play upon page visit.
  • Remixer exported WordPress does not currently support direct code edits to existing Remixer Blocks, or via the Classic Editor plugin. Doing so may break the visual editing functionality of DreamHost's custom Remixer Gutenberg Blocks.
  • dreamhosters.com subdomains are not eligible for use with Remixer.
  • Cannot publish to a .dev or .app domain/subdomain (using the Publish button in Remixer), since Remixer does not support HTTPS/SSL certificates.

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