Features not supported in Remixer

Remixer does not currently support the following features:

  • Account Privileges (Sub-users will be unable to edit or publish Remixer projects. Remixer only works from the main DreamHost account holder login)
  • Drag and Drop editing (Remixer is more of a click-to-edit experience)
  • Adding text or images in any location (Each 'Web Section' has a pre-designed format where images can be added)
  • Resizing 'Web Sections' or text/image/video content within a 'Web Section' 
  • Custom favicons (those little icons that appear in browser tabs)
  • Hyperlinks that open in a new tab
  • E-commerce (SSL certificates are not currently supported. You can hyperlink your products for sale to third party hosted vendors (example: Amazon, iTunes, Etsy, Ebay, etc)
  • PDF/Doc file uploads. You can host those at DropBox or Google Drive and add a hyperlink on your Remixer page
  • Editing Remixer code (no code snippets/inserts, widgets, or editing of existing Remixer or html code)
  • Image compression (It's best practice to keep your image file sizes optimized prior to uploading, for faster page loading)
  • Password protected pages
  • Custom 404 (Page not found) pages
  • Calendar or scheduler program
  • Video or audio auto-play upon page visit
  • dreamhosters.com subdomains are not eligible for use with Remixer

Please share any feedback or feature suggestions you may have with the Remixer team at remixer@dreamhost.com.

More features are set to be explored and developed in 2018.

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