WPM2: When your WordPress site migration begins

Do not use these instructions unless explicitly instructed to by the DreamHost Professional Services Team. The following information is only to be used in a particular phase of a WP migration being done for you by that team; otherwise, the steps will be out of context and can lead to errors if implemented.

This article lists information and tips on what to expect in order to help ensure your WordPress migration is a success.

What to expect

Impact of communication delays

DreamHost may request additional information or ask you to take a particular action, via email, to further the migration process. Please reply within 12 hours of receiving any request from the team, as this will limit DreamHost's ability to adhere to any turnaround time frame and will forfeit any refund associated with the service.

If the Professional Services Team doesn't hear back from you within 7 days after an information request, the migration is considered to be "abandoned” and will be canceled without processing a refund. Your files may be archived for up to 30 days (starting from the original, confirmatory email) in order to facilitate future reinstatement of the migration process, but this is not guaranteed.

Impact of mid-migration changes

Until the migration is complete and approved by you, anyone with access to either your domain at the current host or the domain-related settings on your DreamHost account must not take any action related to the domain to be migrated. This includes making posts or any structural changes to your install. For a successful migration to occur, DreamHost must be able know that the Professional Services Team controls 100% of the elements related to it.

This means that there should be no changes by you or others for this domain via the following interfaces at either host once the migration has started, including:

  • the hosting control panel
  • the WordPress admin dashboard, or
  • any other access channel for this domain.

This includes no changes to settings for hosting, DNS, domain registration, email, SSL/HTTPS, databases, files, and no upgrading of any kind (not even plugins), unless DreamHost directs you to do so. If an upgrade occurs that is not in your control, such as your current host upgrading the PHP version, please notify DreamHost just as a precaution.

Feel free to ask DreamHost about any changes you’d like to make so the team may provide guidance about those specific requests. DreamHost does not re-transfer the site files. If you must make any change to any file at your current host, you must re-make that change at DreamHost after you have approved the entire migration.

This is very important as DreamHost must compare the completed migration of the site to the original copy at your current host. This is to ensure the migration completed successfully.

Potential cancellation

If DreamHost detects changes are made without the team's knowledge and guidance, DreamHost reserves the right to cancel the migration and notify you. This is because any changes made may put files, databases, or host settings in an unknown state, forcing the team to start work over again.

If you decide at any point during the migration to take over the process, please let DreamHost know. The team can then cancel the migration and stand aside.

Contacting DreamHost tech support

The Professional Services Team is a specialized crew within the greater Technical Support (TS) department. The overriding rule at DreamHost is that this small team handles anything related strictly to the domain you are migrating. However, nothing prevents you from contacting Technical Support. View the following article for further details on how to contact DreamHost Support:

Support is available 24/7. But please keep in mind that the Technical Support representatives which are not part of the Professional Services Team may not be aware of the answers you truly need. Because of this, you should remind them that your question is about an ongoing WordPress migration.

DreamHost is training the support team on how to differentiate between safe-to-answer questions and ones reserved solely for the Professional Services Team. DreamHost is also instructing the Technical Support to be aware that if the question is about a WordPress site in migration, they either make a support request for you and move it to the Professional Services Team's queue, or relay your question directly to the team in real time (if available), or ask you to make the support request yourself.

If you are replying to a support request sent from a Professional Services Team member directly, your reply will go back to the Professional Services Team queue where that person will find it quickly.

If you are submitting a new support request for the Professional Services Team, put the following hashtag in either the subject line of the support request or email:

  • #wpmigrations

That way, whomever is scanning the general queue will move it to the  Professional Services Team's queue right away.

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