Themes in Remixer

Using the theme page

When you open Remixer, you're presented with a selection of themes to choose from.
If you don't see the list of available themes, click the 'DreamHost' logo on the top left.

Previewing a theme

To preview a theme, hover over it and click the 'Preview Theme' button. The page then changes to an example site based on the theme. This allows you to get a feel for how your site would look if you chose this theme.

To choose another theme, click the Back to theme selection link on the top right.

Choosing a theme for your site

It's not possible to change the theme of your existing site. Make sure to pick the theme that fits your site's needs before you start building. If you wish to change the theme later, you must add your content into the new site.

On the theme page, hover over the theme you wish to base your site on. Click the 'Select Theme' button. This takes you to an edit page where you can start editing the entire site.

If you're already previewing a theme and would like to begin editing it, click the 'Start Editing' button on the top right.

Choose a different theme

If you're editing a theme and decide you'd like to try a different theme, click the DreamHost icon on the top left of the page. This takes you back to the theme selection page where you can pick a new theme to start building a new site.

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