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You can upload or edit images as long as you've first added a 'Chord' section that supports images. View the following article for instructions on how to add a section that supports images:

You must add an image Chord in order to place an image on the page and the images can only be placed within the pre-defined area of the Chord. It's not possible to upload images to any location outside of an image Chord.

It's currently not possible to crop or resize an image in Remixer. You can only zoom or rotate. Make sure to edit your images before uploading.

Upload images into Remixer

Remixer allows you to upload images from several sources such as social media accounts, pixabay, or another website. Once uploaded, you can add them to your site. To upload:

Remixer upload image
  1. Click the 'Media' button on the top right.
    Remixer upload image
  2. Click the 'Image' link to view your options to upload.
  3. Click on any option and upload your images.

Delete an image

  1. Click the 'Media' button on the top right.
  2. Click the 'Images' link to view all images.
  3. Click the image.
  4. On the bottom right, click the red 'Delete' button.

Edit an existing image on your page

After you've added a 'Chord' section, uploaded your images to the 'Media' page, and added your image to your Remixer page, you can continue to edit the image further.

Remixer allows you to flip, rotate, and zoom images.

Remixer edit image

To edit and image, hover over it. You see 'Image' on the top right and teardrop icons to the side. Click the image to open the editing pane.

Remixer edit image2
  • The current image displays in the left pane where you can make adjustments to it such as zooming and flipping it.
  • To replace the image with one from your collection, click an image in the right pane. You must first load your image files using the Content page.
  • When finished, click the apply button.

Adding a new image to a page

You must first edit the page structure to add a Remixer 'Chord' section to your page that contains images.

After that 'Chord' section has been added with sample text and images, you can then swap out the sample images for your own images.

Can I add a logo?

The only way to add an image is by first adding and image chord, then swapping out the sample images. So, if you were to add a header chord and swap out the background image, any logo you wish to add must be part of the image you make your background image.

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