Deploying Discourse with Ansible on DreamCompute


There are a few prerequisites for setting up Discourse using Ansible:

  • Ansible 2.0+ installed in your system
  • An SMTP server that you can send emails from
  • A clouds.yml file that has your credentials to authenticate to DreamCompute
  • Git installed on your local computer

If you don't have an SMTP server take a look at the recommended email providers for Discourse.

Downloading the Ansible playbook

The first step to installing Discourse using an Ansible playbook is to download the playbook to use. Do this by running the following:

[user@localhost]$ git clone

You should now see a discourse-dreamcompute directory, which is what you will use to deploy Discourse, but first you must make some configurations.


The Ansible playbook has an example configuration file. Copy this to the actual configuration file by running the following:

[user@localhost]$ cp vars/dreamcompute.yml.example vars/dreamcompute.yml

Open the vars/dreamcompute.yml file in your favorite editor, and then make the following changes:

  • Change to be the name of your cloud configured in your clouds.yml file
  • Change key_name to be the name of your public key to put on the new server
  • Change discourse.hostname to be the DNS record for your new server that will be created, the DNS record does not need to exist yet, it will be created after the playbook is run
  • Change discourse.admin_email to be an email you own, this will be the email used to send the confirmation email when you register an admin account
  • Change discourse.smtp_server to be the hostname of your SMTP server
  • Change discourse.smtp_port to be the port of your SMTP server
  • Change discourse.smtp_user to be the username to use to authenticate to your SMTP server
  • Change discourse.smtp_password to be the password to use to authenticate to your SMTP server
  • discourse.smtp_authentication can be changed to set the kind of SMTP authentication to use, if you are unsure, leave this empty
  • If you wish to use a Let’s Encrypt SSL cert, set discourse.lets_encrypt_email to your email you wish to use with Let’s Encrypt

Running the playbook

Now you are ready to run your playbook. Do this by running the following:

[user@localhost]$ ansible-playbook site.yml

This takes a while to run, and can take up to 20 minutes.

The last thing to do is create a DNS record for your new server. Do this by following the documentation on creating DNS records.

If you have configured everything correctly, visit the new site in a browser and finish the installation.


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