Using Jetpack with DreamPress

Written and supported by the WordPress experts at Automattic, Jetpack Premium is a powerful plugin that gives your WordPress site enhanced security, automated backup protection, uptime monitoring, spam protection, and more... instantly!

Activating Jetpack

  1. Open the (Panel > 'DreamPress' > 'Dashboard') page in the panel.
  2. On the top left you can see if Jetpack is currently enabled. Click the 'Enable' link.
    The page opens and prompts you to log into your WordPress account:
    • If you're already logged into a account, an auth option appears instead that let's you connect to it with a click.
    • If you have a account and do not remember your password, click the ‘Lost your password?’ link. You’ll receive an email. Once reset, return to the login page and log in.
    • If you do not have a account, click the ‘Register for’ link.
    After you sign in, WordPress asks you to approve a connection from DreamPress:
  3. When you are asked to allow access to your DreamHost panel after you log in, click the Approve button.
    The DreamHost panel opens where a success message appears:
  4. Back in your DreamHost panel, navigate the (Panel > 'DreamPress' > 'Dashboard') page and click 'Manage' next to your domain.
    Jetpack Premium is now enabled:
    An email with your Akismet API Key is sent to you:
  5. Click the ‘step-by-step activation guide’ link for detailed instructions.

Logging into your DreamPress site

  1. Open your DreamPress site, and click ‘Plugins’ on the left.
  2. Make sure ‘Akismet’ is already installed and activated. If not, then click ‘Add New’ at the top of your dashboard and install it.
  3. In the left panel, hover over ‘Jetpack’ and select ‘Akismet’ from the menu.
  4. Click 'Connect with Jetpack'.
    A confirmation page opens notifying you that Jetpack is active:

Removing Jetpack

  1. Navigate the (Panel > 'DreamPress' > 'Dashboard') page and click 'Manage' next to your domain.
  2. On the top left, click the 'Disable' link next to 'Jetpack Premium'.
    A message appears confirming that Jetpack is disabled.

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