allow_url_fopen can be used to retrieve data from remote servers or websites. However, if incorrectly used, this function can compromise the security of your site.

DreamHost configuration

allow_url_fopen is currently available on DreamHost servers. You can view your PHP environment settings by adding a phpinfo.php file to your site. View the following article for details:

If you wish to disable allow_url_fopen, you must create a php.ini file. View the following articles for instructions on how to create a phprc file:

If the file already exists, view the following articles for instructions on how to update it (depending on if you're using an FTP client or SSH):

Once created, add the following to it:

allow_url_fopen = off

Please note that allow_url_include remains disabled, and will not be enabled (as it poses a serious security risk to sites and is generally not required).

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