How do I add DreamPress to a new domain?

It may take over an hour to set up a new DreamPress installation, but the original One-Click WordPress site remains functional until the switch occurs. Then, the DNS propagation may possibly delay the site from working. However, this is only in the case of upgrading and adding a new instance, not in the case of an import to an existing DreamPress.

These instructions are for setting up a new DreamPress installation on a new domain at DreamHost. If you already have an existing WordPress One-Click Install and wish to upgrade, view the following article:

Setting up a new domain

You can add any domain without hosting to DreamPress easily. First make sure it's set as DNS Only.

  1. Visit the Backup article to backup any necessary web files.
  2. Navigate to the (Panel > 'DreamPress' > 'Dashboard') page.
  3. To the right of your domain, under the 'Web Hosting' column, make sure your domain is set as DNS ONLY.
    01 Domains Control Panel.fw.png
  4. If it isn't, then click the Edit button under this column.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of that page.
    01 Blogger.fw.png
  6. Click the Host DNS Only! button.

Once the domain is set as DNS only, you can then proceed with installing DreamPress.

Installing DreamPress

  1. Log into your panel at
  2. Navigate to (Panel > ‘DreamPress’ > ‘Dashboard’)
    The Managed WordPress Hosting page appears:
  3. At the bottom, click the Get DreamPress button to create a new site.
    Dreampress-add new domain.png
  4. Enter your domain in the URL field.
  5. Choose which payment plan you'd like to use.
  6. Click the Get DreamPress button.
    A popup box displays:
    Dreampress-add new domain confirmation.png
  7. Click the Add DreamPress button to save.

Configuring DreamPress

Once you have at least one domain on DreamPress, the DreamPress page looks like this:

06 Dreampress Account Created.fw.png

You can obtain more information or change a setting by clicking a desired button. Below is a description of each.

  • Admin — Opens the /wp-admin page of your DreamPress site where you can log in.
  • Domain Settings — Opens the 'Manage Domains' page for your domain. The configuration has been optimized for WordPress.
  • Change Plan — Opens a page to change your billing plan, migrate your site to another server, or delete DreamPress.
  • Details — Shows or hides your SFTP and MySQL username and hostname credentials.
  • Import — Opens a popup box that allows you to import data from another WordPress site.

Changing a DreamPress temporary domain

After you add DreamPress, you can create a new domain and migrate your DreamPress site to it. Visit the following article for further information:

Changing the DreamPress SFTP user password and switching the account type

By default, DreamPress sets your new user to an SFTP user. If you'd like to change the password or change to a Shell user, view the following article:

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