Where do I put my files once connected via FTP?

Once you’ve connected to your web server via FTP, you’ll most likely see two windows in your FTP client. The following example shows the main screen in FileZilla:

10 Filezilla windows.fw.png

  • On the left, you’ll see your home computer. You must navigate to the folder on your computer where your files are stored.
  • On the right, you'll see your DreamHost web server.
  • You can see that the ‘Remote site’ is pointed at your users directory which is ‘/home/exampleuser’. (Please note that different clients may not refer to this as Remote site. The important thing is that you're in your user's directory.)
  • If you look at the window below that, you’ll see the files and folders within that directory.

In the example above, you would click into the directory named example.com. Once it's open, you can right click files or folders in the left window (your computer) to upload to the right window (your server). Once you see the files and folders in the right window, you can confirm that they have been uploaded to the web server.

A final note on the directory structure:

  • Your user's directory is where you'll see all of your user config files, Maildir, logs, and site folders.
  • You will never upload your content to this directory.
  • Always make sure you're in your site's directory when uploading site content. For example:

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