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The Inbox Archiver is a tool that automatically moves old and/or excessive messages from your inbox into an 'old-messages' folder to prevent them from clogging up your main inbox. The Inbox Archiver only operates on "Fully Hosted" email accounts (on DreamHost servers). Messages forwarded to email accounts hosted on another mail provider's servers will not be affected by your DreamHost Inbox Archiver settings.

The settings for the Inbox Archiver are initially set when creating a "Fully Hosted" email address on the Manage Email page.

The Inbox Archiver cannot be disabled. However, you can set the "days" and "messages" values to their max values (DAYS=9,999 MESSAGES=2,000).

This is NOT recommended! If your inbox gets too full, it will usually cause problems for your email client.


The settings can be viewed/managed two different ways, either through:

  1. The Manage Email page in the panel.
  2. The Mailboxes interface for the user.

It does not matter where you make the changes, both methods do exactly the same thing.

Option 1 — Logging in to the Control Panel

Control panel access IS required for this method.

You can always change the options at any time on the Manage Email page.

select domain

Select the domain that you want to use, then click Show Selected Domains.

edit address

Next, click the Edit button for the address in question.

The following screenshot shows the default Inbox Archiver settings in the DreamHost panel:

inbox archiver settings

Explanation of fields in the above screenshots

Remove read Messages when inbox reaches xxx messages.
This field is to archive messages once the inbox reaches a certain number of messages. The example above has 250 set by default, so once your inbox reaches 250 messages total, the oldest ones will start to get archived into the archive folder, which in this case, is the 'old-messages' folder.
Remove read messages from inbox older than xxx days.
This field will archive messages based on the message’s age. The example above shows 45 days, which means when the message is 45 days old, it will be moved out of the inbox and into the 'old-messages' folder.
Even expire new messages.
If this is checked, new, unread messages will still be archived based on your archiver settings.
Save removed messages
This is the folder where the archived messages will be moved to. By default, it will set the 'old-messages' folder, but you can set that to anything you want.

You must subscribe to the 'old-messages' folder manually as it won't show up as an accessible folder until then. View the following article for instructions on how to subscribe to this folder.

Option 2 — Logging in to your Mailboxes account

Control panel access is NOT required for this method.

  • You can log into your "Mailboxes" account (if you have Webmail enabled for the domain).
  • Your mailboxes account URL is
The following screenshot shows the default Inbox Archiver settings within the Mailboxes section:
Mailboxes Inbox Housekeeping.png

Possible complications

DreamHost purges all spam and trash email messages after 15 days. Please make sure you check your spam and trash messages within this time frame.

If you're not aware that the Inbox Archiver is moving messages to your 'old-messages' folder you may not realize that your mailbox is growing in size! It may reach or even exceed the disk limit set for it. This will cause incoming messages to bounce and most likely you'll get "IMAP connection dropped" errors when accessing the account via the Webmail interface or your stand-alone email client (if you're using the IMAP protocol).

If this happens, see the Disk Usage Warning article for more information and instructions on how to resolve this problem.

Additional notes

  • The Inbox Archiver only acts on messages in your inbox. It does not have any effect on other folders you may have.
  • If you un-check the box that specifies where the old messages should be stored, they will be DELETED rather than archived!
  • DreamHost strongly recommends that you create folders to keep your messages organized. Once you've read a message, it's best to move it into a specific folder that makes sense. It's best to keep things organized rather than just keeping all of your messages in the inbox. The fewer messages you have in your inbox the faster your mail client will be able to access it.
  • The Inbox Archiver automatically runs once per week.

How to view the old-messages folder

The old-messages folder must be enabled within your email client. View the article below for further details.

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