DreamHost user forum and status page


The DreamHost Discussion Forum is located at discussion.dreamhost.com.

The forum is intended for customer self-help and is NOT meant to contact DreamHost support.

The forum requires you to register. This registration is completely separate from any of your other DreamHost user login accounts.


DreamHost always welcomes suggestions from its customers. Suggestions for new features or changes to be made to DreamHost services can be made in the Suggestions section of the DreamHost discussion forum:

You can also find it on the forum's homepage by clicking the Suggestions link:


DreamHost status page

DreamHost has a status and announcement page you can visit to keep up to date on any scheduled maintenance or unscheduled downtime that may be currently affecting customers.

On those pages, you can comment on the status post at hand while a DreamHost representative continually updates the status of the post.

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