Is DreamHost able to create a CSR for me?

DreamHost support is able to create a CSR for you using the current private key that you have in the control panel for your Secure Hosting configuration.

To contact support, navigate to the Contact Support page. When submitting the support request make sure to clearly state that you need a CSR created for your domain.

Support will need the following information to process your request:

    • Country Name (2 letter code):
    • State or Province Name (full name – no abbreviations!):
    • Locality Name (e.g., city):
    • Organization Name (e.g., company name):
    • Organizational Unit Name (e.g., company section name):
    • Common Name (e.g., SECURE DOMAIN NAME – do not include http://, https://, or www before the domain name. For example, just type:
    • Email Address:

Support will email you instructions on how to download the new CSR file. You can then use this new CSR to order/renew a signed SSL certificate with another Certificate Authority.

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