What One-Click Installs does DreamHost offer?


Building a website from scratch can be a very time consuming and difficult task. However, there are various pre-assembled applications you can install which immediately create a fully functioning site. At DreamHost, these are called One-Click Installs and a full list of applications can be found on the One-Click Install page.

Once you've chosen and installed your application, the DreamHost One-Click Installer does all the hard work for you. Once the software is automatically installed, you’ll receive an email containing any further instructions you need to follow in order to complete the installation of your chosen application.

Contacting support

If you do not receive the install email that provides the instructions on how to finish the installation, you can always check your "Support History" in the Control Panel on the Support History page for an archived copy of that email.

Available One-Click Installs

Click the logo in a section below to visit each application's official website for further information and examples.

Application Description
Concrete5.fw.png Concrete5 is an open source content management system (CMS) which allow users with basic technical skills to build a website.
Joomla.fw.png Joomla! is another Content Management System (CMS) DreamHost offers. It's similar to a pre-built website into which you can input your own information.
Mediawiki.fw.png MediaWiki is a program that lets you and visitors input information about a subject. In fact, DreamHost currently uses MediaWiki. It's similar to an online and user-contributed encyclopedia. You can visit MediaWiki's website for more details and to see examples of how you can use it.
Phpbb.fw.png phpBB is a forum program which enables you to create a space on your website where members can talk about different subjects and ideas on any topic you choose.
Wordpress.fw.png WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) blogging tool, similar to a diary. You can use it to post stories, pictures, and links to anything you wish. You can visit WordPress's website for more details and see examples of how you can use it.
Zencart.fw.png Zen Cart is a shopping cart based on the old oscommerce engine but offers more features and has an active support community. You can use it to sell items over the Internet. You can visit Zen Cart's website for more details and to see examples of how you can use it.

Note: You must set up arrangements for receiving and processing payments in a secure manner.


MySQL errors

If you receive a MySQL error immediately after you install a One-Click application, it's often because the database has not yet set up completely. Just wait a few minutes for everything to configure through DreamHost and for your DNS to update online. When you return to your site after a brief wait, the installation should be ready to use.

If a MySQL error persists and you cannot connect to the database, make sure you use the proper MySQL Hostname, Database Name, MySQL User Name, and MySQL Password when you complete the installation.

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