How do I get credit for referring customers?

The "DreamHost Rewards Program" provides a very lucrative commission plan for affiliate partners of DreamHost.

When you refer a customer DreamHost and they purchase a hosting plan, you are able to receive the following:

  • One-time rewards – One-time rewards are applied to a customer’s account the first time a referred customer makes a payment for any full hosting plan. DreamHost does not pay for any referrals other than the direct new customer referred from you. View the chart below for a list of current payouts.

Referring new customers

It's very simple to refer new customers and receive reward credits. All you need is your unique rewards link.

Locating your unique rewards link

You can retrieve your referral link in your panel, on the (Panel > ‘Billing & Account’ > ‘Affiliates’) page. This link is formatted as, where ######## is your account number.

Using your unique rewards link

You can use your direct referral link to refer your friends to a specific URL at You can list your referral link on your blog, website, or provide the link to your referred customer directly. By using the link you provided to sign up, your referred customer automatically lists you as their referrer on their new account. Your referred customer won’t need to enter your information anywhere in order for you to receive a referral credit.

For example, you could provide them with this link (customized to your specific referral link URL):

And this will direct them right to "" which is the domain registration landing page. Your referral information will be stored in their browser.

The ‘xxxxx’ at the end of the link should include your Account Number. New customers that sign up through that link will sign up with your account listed as the referrer.

DreamHost also offers several banners and logos you can use to attract new customers as well.

What you can earn

The table below details how much you can earn based on the payment type:

Hosting plan Monthly Annual
Shared Maximum one time commission $30 Maximum one time commission $97
VPS (private server) Maximum one time commission $30 Maximum one time commission $97
Dedicated server Maximum one time commission $200 Maximum one time commission $200
DreamPress (Basic/Plus/Advanced/WooCommerce) One time commission $150 Annual plan maximum one time commission $150

DreamHost promotional pages

To help your website visitors sign up, DreamHost offers ongoing promotions that affiliates can access in their control panel. If an affiliate chooses to use the promotions DreamHost lists in the panel, the discount comes out of the affiliates rewards payment.

Contacting the affiliate team

If you still have questions, please contact the affiliate team at [email protected]

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