How to create a DNS alias for DreamObjects buckets


DreamObjects allows you to create aliases that point to your buckets using CNAME records. For example, you can use a CNAME record to map a bucket URL to a domain under your control, like Using a CNAME record in this way makes your links look more professional as they do not show the full ‘’ portion of the URL.

Examples of CNAME records and bucket

CNAME Record DH Bucket to which it points


If you’re using a third-party DNS, be sure to manually copy the CNAME from the panel to the name servers since it won’t automatically propagate.

Adding a DreamObjects CNAME record

You can create, delete and modify your DreamObjects CNAME records within the panel using the built in interface. The interface includes:

  • A section for permissions
  • A link to the bucket
  • A section for setting up aliases as subdomains of domains on the Account
  1. Navigate to the (Panel > Cloud Services’ > ‘DreamObjects’) page.

  2. To the right of your bucket, click the ‘Change Settings’ link.

  3. Toggle the permissions option to either ‘PRIVATE’ or ‘PUBLIC’.

  4. Enter your alias and choose the domain you wish to assign this to.

  5. Click the Save Settings button to save.


In the screenshot above there are two CDN options also enabled

Linking a file using the CNAME record

The following example uses the CNAME about ( to link an image file:

If your image is in a subdirectory (in DreamObjects), you must specify the full path. This example shows that the image.png file is in the /savedimages/ folder.

CNAME example

Once the record is created, you can see it on the (Panel > ‘Domains’ > ‘Manage Domains’) page. Click the ‘DNS’ link under your domain to view the record: