How do I manage my private server?

The following sections help you manage various aspects of your private server.

Accessing your server before you move a domain

If you want to access the server to perform configurations before you move your domain over, you can use the following form of a hostname in your FTP client (NOT in http):


where psXXXXX is the hostname of your VPS.

If you enter in a web browser, it would work; but does not work. This is because http and FTP requests are handled differently: for http requests, the server shares IP addresses among domains, whereas for FTP requests, the server only needs the FTP username/password to know what content is in scope for its response.

In an FTP application, the server name,, is adequate as a hostname for the same reasons.

Editing the httpd.conf file

  • Admin access is not available on VPS machines. If you need to edit this file, you must upgrade to a Dedicated server and add an admin user.

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