How much does DreamPress cost?

  • Pricing is set at $19.95/month/per site. You can also choose a yearly plan which brings down the monthly cost average to $16.95/month.

If you already have an account and would like to switch from 'Monthly' to 'Yearly', contact support for assistance.

  • The price is a flat rate and is not affected by VPS memory scaling.
  • You may have multiple DreamPress sites, but they are billed independently.
    • DreamHost offers a multiple domain discount on all additional DreamPress instances at $12.95/mo (or, $119.40/yr).
    • If you purchased multiple DreamPress instances before the multiple domain discount was offered in October 2016, please contact support and request to apply the discount to all subsequent DreamPress instances.
  • There are also special promotions you can use for a discounted rate. Check out for any current promo codes. Customers who add a site while a promotion is active get to keep the this special price even when the promotion is over. If the site is removed from DreamPress (Downgraded or Deleted), or if the customer's account is closed/disabled, they may lose the special promotional pricing.
  • Downgrading gives a credit for any unused portion of the billing period to be used on another hosting plan.
  • There are no refunds when canceling a DreamPress plan. View the 'Terms of Service' page for further details.

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