How do I upgrade a WordPress site to DreamPress?

You can easily transfer any domain to DreamPress that is currently using WordPress as a One-Click Install.

Should you upgrade or import your site?

Upgrading to DreamPress automatically switches the PHP version on your domain to PHP 7.

If you want to test your site before upgrading it to DreamPress, you can first create a temporary domain and import your One-Click Install into it. View the following articles for details:

If you do not need to test your site first, proceed to the following instructions to upgrade it directly to DreamPress.

What happens to your current hosting plan when upgrading?

If your WordPress site is on a Shared, VPS, or Dedicated hosting plan, upgrading to DreamPress will only add a new DreamPress plan. It will not remove your old hosting plan. This means you'll still be paying for the old plan, as well as the new DreamPress plan.

If you have only one website, you can cancel your existing hosting plan since you will only be using the DreamPress plan going forward.

If you have multiple websites on the old hosting plan, you must keep it active.

Purchasing a DreamPress plan creates a new hosting plan that's billed separately from any other hosting plan you may have. Any previous balance on another hosting plan does not transfer to the new DreamPress plan.

Upgrading to DreamPress

If your current site is in a subdirectory such as, the site will move into the primary directory when upgraded to DreamPress. For example:


Also, any files currently in your primary directory will be deleted. Make sure to backup any necessary files before upgrading.

  1. Log into your panel at
  2. Navigate to (Panel > ‘DreamPress’ > ‘Dashboard’).
  3. Click the button to add a DreamPress site.
  4. Click Upgrade existing site.
  5. On the next page, select your existing One-Click Install from the dropdown.

    If you need to create a temporary domain, use a domain. View the following article for details:

  6. Choose an annual or monthly payment plan.
  7. Select your DreamPress plan: 'Basic', 'Plus', or 'Advanced'.
  8. Select your disk size.
  9. Finally, click Upgrade to DreamPress.
  10. A pop-up displays notifying you that this upgrade could take several hours and that you should not make changes to your site during this time period. Click Upgrade to DreamPress.
  11. A success message displays informing you that your site is being upgraded. When it's complete, you'll receive an email from DreamHost confirming it has successfully migrated.

What if I don't have a One-Click Install of Wordpress?

If you're not using a One-Click Install of Wordpress, and wish to upgrade to DreamPress, you can contact support who will help you convert your existing WordPress site to a One-Click Install.

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