How do I migrate from another host to DreamPress?

If you are having trouble migrating a WordPress site from another host yourself or just don't have the time, DreamHost currently offers a service that takes care of that for you: for just $99 and in less than 48 hours, DreamHost will move your WordPress site without any downtime. Please take a look at the Terms of Service (TOS) for further details about the process. If you want DreamHost to move forward with migrating your site, please submit a ticket with the domain name you wish to migrate and also include the following statement:

I agree to the WordPress migrations TOS and the $99 charge.

DreamHost will pass your ticket it to the capable hands of the Professional Services team to get you started.

The following steps guide your through how to manually migrate an existing WordPress site:

  1. Export the WordPress MySQL database(s). View the following article for further instructions:
  2. Download your entire WordPress installation. View the following article for further instructions:
  3. View the Setting up a new domain article to add your site to DreamPress.
    When the setup completes, your new DreamPress installation looks similar to this:
  4. You can import your database through phpMyAdmin or through a SHELL user.
    • Option #1 - Import via phpMyAdmin - View the following article which explains how to import using phpMyAdmin:
    • Option #2 - Import via SSH - View the following article which explains how to import using SSH:
    • Option #3 - Import using wp-cli
    • The wp-cli tool is handy for the MySQL dump and import. You can read about this tool in the following article:
      • WordPress wp-cli
      • Using the wp-cli tool is the fastest method.
      • To use the wp-cli tool, you'll need to make sure your DreamPress user has Shell access.
      • You can also visit the following articles for further instructions on how to change the user type and how to log in via SSH:

      After connecting via SSH with your DreamPress user, run the following command (replacing "backup.sql" with the name of the MySQL backup that you uploaded previously):

      [server]$ wp db import backup.sql
  5. Import any necessary WordPress files (such as your custom theme, images and wp-config.php file) via FTP.

The database is now imported and your wp-config.php file links to the new installation.

Troubleshooting the new import

If your site does not display as it should at this point, you may need to flush both Memcache and Varnish cache. View the following articles for further details:

Below are examples on how to flush both via SSH:

Flush Varnish cache for all of your theme files

[server]$ curl -X PURGE "*" 

Flush Memcache using the WordPress wp-cli

[server]$ wp cache flush

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