Should I add 'www' to my Sectigo SSL certificate?


Any Comodo certificate issued after January 2019 references Sectigo as the certificate authority, while any certificate issued prior to this date references Comodo. Both names refer to the same company.

When you purchase a paid Sectigo SSL certificate, you need to type in your domain name. For example:

  • or

Which one should you choose?

Neither one of these options is better than the other, it's just a matter of preference of how you'd like your domain to display. 

Just make sure it matches how you've configured your domain in your panel on the Hosted Domains page.

  1. Click on the Edit link under the Web Hosting column to the right of your domain.
    The Hosted Domains page appears for your domain:
  2. Select which one of the three options you would like to use.
    If your domain is configured to be Fully Hosted, you'll see the following options:
    • Leave it alone: Both
    • Add WWW
    • Remove WWW
    If you choose to add or remove WWW, requests actually work both ways but are rewritten internally by the Apache web server configuration. Either is perfectly safe to use unless you have installed software on the domain which is configured internally to rewrite its URL to use the opposite of what you've selected in your panel. If that's the case, you must reconfigure your installed software (i.e., WordPress, Joomla, ZenCart, and so on) to use the URL you have chosen in the panel.

When you purchase an SSL certificate, you are given the option to specify your URL, in that you can choose to add the www subdomain or remove it. DreamHost SSL certificates provide an extra feature that allows them to work with both. However, it's recommended that you still set up your Secure Hosting for the correct domain/subdomain and not rely on this feature to catch any mistakes.

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