Updating your DNS after your WordPress site has been migrated to DreamHost


This article explains how to update your DNS settings to point to DreamHost after you have already migrated your website.

This article is only necessary if your DNS is still pointed to your old host and you wish to view your site at DreamHost before changing your DNS to point to DreamHost.

Migrating your WordPress site to DreamHost

View the following article for full instructions on how to add and view your WordPress site at DreamHost before you point your DNS:

When this is completed, you can then view your site by updating the hosts file on your home computer.

Pointing your DNS to DreamHost

After you have viewed your 'Mirror' site to confirm your WordPress installation appears as it should, you are now ready to update your DNS.

You have two options:

Option #1 — Pointing your nameservers

This options points all of your DNS records to DreamHost including email. Only use this option if you want all of your website's services hosted at DreamHost.

Return to your old host and set the nameservers for your domain registration to point to DreamHost using these nameservers:

  • ns1.dreamhost.com
  • ns2.dreamhost.com
  • ns3.dreamhost.com

When updating your nameservers at your registrar, you should only have to add the nameserver URL, not the IP. The IPs are listed above just in case your registrar asks for them.

This modification takes about 3–72 hours to propagate across the Internet, after which your new nameservers will direct visitors to your account with DreamHost.

You can track the progress of your DNS update using either of the following links:

Option #2 — Pointing your A records

This option allows you to only point your site's A records (IP addresses) to DreamHost. Use this option if you are hosting email at another company and only want your website hosted at DreamHost. View the following article for instructions on how to find your site's IP addresses:

Once the DNS is resolving to DreamHost, visiting your site displays the site as it appears on your DreamHost server.

Checking for a successful installation

If you've done everything correctly, your domain will now resolve to your WordPress installation on your DreamHost account. If you need to check if the domain is pointing to the right server, upload a text file to your domain's root directory on your DreamHost server. For example, upload a file named test.txt. Then, try to access that file via a web browser at example.com/test.txt. If it's there, that means your domain is now pointing to the correct place.

Make sure that you don't make any edits on your WordPress installation during the 48-hour waiting period, since any changes that you make or any new content that you add will not carry over to your DreamHost account unless you re-transfer the database as described in the following article.

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