Viewing your access.log

You can confirm exactly what is hitting your site in your access.log file.

  • This can be found in your SFTP account.
  • Your user must also be a Shell user to view these logs.

To view your access.log file:

  1. Review the Enabling Shell Access article to confirm your user is a Shell user.
  2. Log into your account using the instructions from the FTP article. Once logged in you’ll already be in your /home/username directory.
  3. Navigate to the following folder in your FTP client:
    If instead you're logged into a Shell terminal, you can cd into your /logs directory by entering the following:
    [server]$ cd ~/logs
    Then cd into your domain and http directory.
  4. In that /http directory, you’ll find your access.log as well as other log files.
  5. Download or edit that file to view the contents.
    • You can also access the file via SSH.
    • Make sure your user is a Shell user first by visiting the Enabling Shell Access article.

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