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Does DreamHost offer an upgraded/optimized version of WordPress?

Yes. DreamHost offers a service called DreamPress. This is a managed WordPress service (using private servers) which is a step up from the standard WordPress installation.

How long does it take to set up DreamPress?

A new DreamPress installation should finish within thirty minutes or less. The following items may delay an installation:

  • if you are upgrading from an existing One-Click Install that has a lot of data that needs to be migrated.
  • if you're migrating an existing site without a DreamHost plan that has a significant amount of data.

Feel free to contact support for an update any time.

What can I host on DreamPress?

The DreamPress service is only available and optimized for a single WordPress site. You can customize this single WordPress site however you like.

What other applications can I host on DreamPress?

Only a single installation of WordPress is supported with DreamPress. No other applications are allowed. If you require other applications to be ran under the same URL, a standard VPS plan is a better fit.

Will I have root/sudo access on a DreamPress plan?

No. Only on a Dedicated plan is root/sudo access available.

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