How do I access Webmail?

When you create the first email address for a domain (that is configured to be hosted with DreamHost), the system will also set up hostnames for Webmail service.

After you add the first email address, it could take 4-6 hours for the DNS to update online. Only after the DNS updates will you be able to access webmail. Any additional addresses you add are immediately available.

Webmail is located at: 


Be sure to replace with the actual domain.

It is also accessible using the DreamHost domain: 


Webmail is automatically configured to connect to the DreamHost mail server. The only settings you must enter are a mail account username and password to log in.

Security warning when using the HTTPS secure link

The security certificate used by Webmail is written for the domain. If you access Webmail using ( being your personal domain), the certificate's domain will not match your domain. You can avoid any warning or error message from this domain mis-match by accessing Webmail using

You can also accept any certificate mismatch warnings and store that certificate exception through the web browser so the prompt doesn’t come up again through the browser on which it was stored.

Retrieving your password

View the following article for details on how to reset your email password:

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