How do I access Webmail?


When you create the first email address for a domain (that is configured to be hosted with DreamHost), the system will also set up hostnames for Webmail service.

After you add the first email address, it could take 4-6 hours for the DNS to update online. Only after the DNS updates will you be able to access webmail. Any additional addresses you add are immediately available.

Webmail is located at:

SSL certificate mismatch warning when connecting to your custom webmail URL

In the past, it was possible to log into webmail at (where is your website). Due to improvements with DreamHost's email infrastructure, you should no longer use this URL to connect. If you do use your domain's custom URL, you will see the following SSL error in your browser:

Browser address bar warning

Advanced message in Chrome

It is highly recommended that you only use to connect to your webmail account to avoid such issues.

Retrieving your password

View the following article for details on how to reset your email password:

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