Are there any alternatives to Webmail?


This article lists some alternatives to DreamHost's Webmail service.

Hosting with non-DreamHost mail

New! DreamHost now offers Google G Suite.

G Suite is a collection of apps to help organize and simplify your organization's workflow, and includes a mail service (Gmail). For more information about using G Suite at DreamHost, see the following article:

Using Gmail as a Webmail client

Gmail's Mail Fetcher POP3 client can connect to your mail accounts and POP the emails off the DreamHost server into your Gmail account. Gmail can also use SMTP to send mail from your mail account.

Installing your own Webmail client

Most webmail software requires sudo access which is only available via DreamHost's DreamCompute or a Dedicated Server.

DreamHost support is not able to assist with any custom installations or able to troubleshoot any errors that may occur as a result of a custom install.

It is possible to set up any web-based IMAP mail client as a replacement for the default Webmail interface. You can disable DreamHost's Webmail for a domain using the Webmail page. This will free up the Webmail subdomain for you to use with your own Webmail client.

You can install your own version of alternative applications such as SquirrelMail or Roundcube. There are other popular Webmail clients including Horde and Open Webmail.

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