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Visit the Manage Emails page in your panel:

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Create New Email Address: This button should be clicked to create a new email address as it says.

Bulk-Edit Forwarding-Only Addresses: This button is for the creation of a “forward-only” email address. This allows you to add multiple forwards very quickly.

Show these domains: This section lists all of your hosted domains with DreamHost. You can view the email users under that domain by highlighting the domain name and then clicking the Show Selected Domains button. (You can select multiple domains to view as well by holding the ‘Control’ button and clicking the domains you wish to view.)

The following are the three columns that list information for each email address:

Mailbox: The details listed under this column include the following:

  • The name of the mailbox
  • Link to the mailbox manager interface for that user
  • Details of the mailbox size for that address along with a percentage on how full the mailbox currently is.

The panel updates every 24 hours. If you recently deleted a large amount of email, you will notice the size has not changed; it can take up to 24 hours for the new size of the mailbox to show correctly.

Also forwards to: This field shows any forwarding aliases you have set up for the email address you’re viewing.

In the past, it was possible to create a fully hosted email that also forwarded to another inbox. This feature is no longer supported, and any new email addresses created will not have this option. Existing email addresses using this feature will remain unaffected until they are edited, at which time you will need to select between forward only or fully hosted.

If there are no forwarding aliases set up for the email address, it’ll show this message:

“There are no additional forwards; messages are only delivered to this mailbox.”

Actions: This column consists of three buttons for each email address: Edit, Disable, and Delete.

  • Edit: The edit button takes you to another page where you can make changes to your email address such as increasing the mailbox size.
  • Disable: This button disables the email address within an hour. Clicking this button changes what you see for that user on the Manage Emails page by striking a line through the user’s mailbox name and mailbox size as well as setting a new message under the Also forwards to column. The new message will read:
    Deleted with bounce.

    (What this means is that any email sent to this disabled user will be deleted and rejected back to the sender with a bounce error.)
    Once set to disabled, an email address cannot be logged into or used to send/receive mail.

  • Delete: Clicking this button deletes the user, but a pop-up window displays, prompting you to verify this request first with this message:

    Clicking “OK” deletes the user and the mailbox for that user. This requires a few minutes, but once this is done, you no longer see that user listed on the Manage Emails page for that domain. This is unlike when you disable the user, which will still keep the user name on the Manage Emails page in case you wish to set it up as a hosted email address again in the future.

To quickly find your email settings in the panel, open the Manage Email page and look for the Email Setup Info link in the upper right. Click the text to open the quick-access instructions for your email address:


Google Workspace Managed Domains

google workspace domains

This section lists any domains you have added to Google Workspace. This means your domain's email is currently hosted at Google. View the following article for further information.

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