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The Hosted Domains page will be removed from the panel soon. Please use the Manage Websites page instead, which is DreamHost's central hub for managing the various panel functions of your website and will have the same functionality as this page.

This article is an overview on the options available to configure your domain in the panel. For an overview of domain hosting options, view the Domain Names menu article.

Viewing the domain configuration options

To view the options available to configure your domain, navigate to the Hosted Domains page.

Hosted Domains edit link

To the right of your domain, click the Edit button. This opens your domain configuration page. The following lists all the sections and subsections along with an explanation of each.

Fully Hosted

This section contains options for sites that are Fully Hosted on a DreamHost server.

Domain name

This option allows you to control how the URL of your site appears when visiting it. For further information, view the Add or remove "www" from a domain article.

Users, Files, and Paths

Hosted Domains Web Directory
  • This section is where you assign an FTP/SFTP/Shell user to access the web directory of the domain.

Run this domain under the user

The dropdown menu allows you to select an existing user or create a new user to assign to the domain. All users are located on the FTP Users & Files page.

Web directory

This field displays the directory on the server where your files are stored. By default, it’s set to a folder named the same as your domain name. In the example above, the name of the website is

Logs directory

This shows the path on the webserver to your site’s logs. You can access them if your user is an SFTP or shell user.

Web Options

Hosted Domains Web Options

PHP Mode

This dropdown menu allows you to choose which version of PHP to run on your site.

Automatically upgrade PHP

If this option is checked, you are allowing DreamHost to upgrade the PHP version on your domain to a recommended version. If you’re running an outdated version, then DreamHost automatically upgrades it after notifying you.

Extra Web Security

By selecting Extra Web Security, you enable the use of a special security module for your website. It is recommended you keep this option checked.

For more information on this option, please visit mod_security.

PHP OPcache support

This option is only available for sites running on a VPS. This enables OPcache which enhances PHP applications by caching compiled PHP code in memory.

Passenger (Ruby/NodeJS/Python apps only)

Enabling this feature is mainly intended to run Ruby on Rails- or Ruby/Python-based programs. If you do not need this feature, leave it disabled. For further information, please view the Passenger article.


This section allows you to redirect your current domain to any other domain you wish. For further information, please review the Redirect a domain article.


A mirror allows you to upload your content to your server for one site (site A), but use another site’s URL (site B) on the same account to view the original site (site A). For further information, please review the Mirror Domain article.


The Parked section has no settings. Simply click the Park this domain button to enable it which sets the web hosting option to parked. Once a domain is set to Parked, DreamHost displays a place-holder web site with a generic DreamHost 'coming soon' message. View the following article for further details:

DNS Only

The DNS Only option provides the basic DNS for the domain without setting the site up on the web server to be hosted. If you wish to alter your DNS settings, please review the DNS and Custom DNS articles.

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