How to launch an instance using the DreamCompute dashboard

As of Oct 2017, the following images are available:

  • CentOS-6
  • CentOS-7
  • CoreOS
  • Debian-7
  • Debian-8
  • Fedora-24
  • Fedora-25
  • Ubuntu-14.04
  • Ubuntu-16.04
  1. Navigate to the (Panel > 'Cloud Services' > 'DreamCompute') page and log into your DreamCompute dashboard.
  2. On the top left, click the 'Compute' tab.
  3. From the expanded list click 'Instances'.

    The dashboard shows any existing instances with their information.

  4. Click the 'Launch Instance' button on the top right.
    A 'Launch Instance' pop-up box displays
  5. In the Launch Instance box, specify the following values:

    Details tab — general information

    Instance Name

    Assign a name to the virtual machine.

    The name you assign here becomes the initial host name of the server. If the name is longer than 63 characters, the Compute service truncates it automatically to ensure dnsmasq works correctly.

    If you change the server name in the API or change the host name directly after the server is built, the names are not updated in the dashboard.

    Server names are not guaranteed to be unique when created so you could have two instances with the same host name.

    Availability Zone

    By default, this value is set to the availability zone given by the cloud provider (for example, us-west, iad-2, or apac-south).

    To launch multiple instances, enter a value greater than 1. The default is 1.

    Source tab — template used to create your instance

    Select Boot Source (dropdown)
    Image — (select to create a new Instance)
    This option allows you to:
      1. Create a 'New Volume' with this new Instance.
      2. Choose the 'Volume Size'.
      3. Choose if you'd like to delete the volume if you delete the Instance.
    At the bottom is a list of Images you can create your new Instance from. For example, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc... Click the + symbol to the right to add it.
    Instance snapshot
    Choose this option if you have an existing 'Instance Snapshot' and would like to create a new Instance from it.
    If you choose this option, a new field for Volume displays. You can select the volume from the list.
    Volume Snapshot — (creates a new volume)
    Create a new volume by choosing Volume Snapshot from a list and adding a Device Name for your volume.

    Flavor tab

    Specify the size of the instance to launch. Click the + symbol to the right to add it.

    Key Pair tab

    Each instance can only be assigned a single Key Pair. When you originally launch an instance you can select the Key Pair you would like to use with the new instance.

    It's not possible within the DreamCompute panel to change the Key Pair assigned to an instance after the instance has been created. Make sure to assign the correct Key Pair when originally creating the instance.

    If you have already created and added your public SSH key, it displays here. Each server you launch is accessible by SSH via key-based authentication. Once you upload your public key, you’ll have the convenience of password-less logins with the default user for your image.

    If you don’t already have an SSH key, view the How to create a Key Pair article.

  6. Click the Launch Instance button on the bottom right. 

Connecting to your instance

Now that the instance has been created, you can connect to it using your SSH Key pair. View the following article for instructions on how to connect:

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