How do I install a One-Click Install?


This article covers the process of installing an application using the One-Click Installer in the panel.

To install a One-Click, your domain must first be 'Fully Hosted'.

This means it can't be Redirected, Mirrored, Parked, or set as 'DNS Only'.

Installing an application

If you already uploaded files before using the following One-Click installer or already have a One-Click installation in the same location, it'll rename any problematic ones and leave everything else alone. An email will also be sent to you that mentions the following (file names vary depending on what's in your directory):

If you already had files in place that were overwritten by official WordPress files, don't worry! They would have been automatically saved with an xxxxxxxx suffix.

During the installation process, we automatically renamed some old index files we had found ('disabled_by_installer' was appended to the end of the filenames): index.html

To install an application from the One-Click Installs page:

  1. Navigate to the One-Click Installs page.
    The One-Click Installs page opens showing you a catalog of available applications:
  2. Click the icon for the application you would like to learn more about or install.
    The application window opens:
    01 Wordpress one-click install page.fw.png
    • The Application window displays details on the application such as current version and ratings.
  3. When you are ready to proceed with the install, select your desired domain from the ‘Install to’ dropdown menu.
    You also have the option to install the Application to a subdirectory or folder as shown in the following:
    03 One Click Installation app window subdirectory.fw.png
    • You have the option to use an existing database for this application or have the panel create a new one for you.
  4. Click the Install it for me now! button to proceed with the installation.
    Once you’ve clicked the Install button, the Success! notice appears:
    04 One Click Installation success.fw.png

After you've installed the One-Click in the panel

After about 10 minutes you should receive an email with log in instructions. Follow those instructions to finalize the installation of your site.

For WordPress, you can log in at

Managing your One-Click Install

After you've installed your site application, you can view it in the panel on the One-Click Installs page.

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