Arq Backup is a Mac and Windows app that allows you to make online backups that support DreamObjects. Arq backups are encrypted with a password before they’re uploaded so your data is protected.

The installation and configuration of Arq varies depending on your operating system. The instructions below show how to configure it within Windows.

Connecting with Arq on Windows

  1. Launch Arq.
    When launching Arq for the first time, you are prompted to choose your backup destination type:
    Arq configuration
  2. Click the 'Other S3-Compatible Service' option, and then click the Continue button.
    Arq configuration
  3. The following information can be found on the DreamObjects page in your panel.
    • S3-Compatible Server URL: Enter the hostname Make sure to add https:// in front of the URL.
    • Access Key ID: Found in your DreamHost Panel. See the keys article for more information.
    • Secret Access Key: Found in your DreamHost Panel. See the keys article for more information.
    • Request Signature Version: DreamObjects supports both signature version 2 and 4 (there is no 3).
  4. When finished, click the Add Destination button to continue.
    Arq prompts you to enter a new bucket name, or select an existing bucket:
    Arq configuration
  5. Create a bucket (and enter a name) or select an existing bucket, then click the Add button to finish.
    After your bucket is configured, Arq prompts you to set up a new backup schedule or to restore files from this bucket (which requires existing backups in your bucket):
    Arq configuration
  6. Click the Set Up Backups button.
    Arq configuration
  7. Enter an encrypted password which provides additional security for the backup that Arq creates.
    Arq configuration
  8. After you enter an encrypted password, be sure to write down the password you created and store it somewhere safe.
    Arq configuration
  9. You're informed that the backup will occur every hour and you can select the backup location.
    Arq configuration
  10. Choose the folders to backup.
    • On Windows systems, Arq defaults to backing up the entire C: drive excluding only the Recycle Bin and the pagefile.sys file.
  11. To add or remove files or folders, click the Edit backup suggestions button, which allows you to customize the selection.

Arq is now configured to backup your data.

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