CrossFTP is a powerful FTP and S3 client that you can use to connect to DreamHost’s DreamObjects service. It is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This article describes how to connect to your DreamObjects account using CrossFTP.

This article uses the new DreamObjects cluster of ''. If you have an older DreamObjects account and have not migrated your data yet, your hostname may need to point to '' instead. Please review the following migration article for further details.

Connecting to CrossFTP with DreamObjects

To set up CrossFTP to use with your DreamObjects account:

  1. Open CrossFTP and select Site Manager. You can do this by clicking the ‘Sites’ tab and then selecting ‘Site Manager’, or by clicking F9 on your keyboard.
  2. Select a Category in the left panel (e.g., click the ‘Default’ folder), and then click the New Site button on the bottom left.
    A pop-up window opens:
  3. Enter the following settings within the General tab:
    • Protocol: Select ‘S3’ from the drop down list.
    • Label: Enter the name of the DreamObjects bucket
    • Host: Enter
    • Port: 80
    • Access Key and Secret: You can find your access/secret key within the (Panel > 'Cloud Services' > 'DreamObjects') section of the panel. Click on your DreamObjects username, and then the access key appears below it along with the secret key to the right:
    • Remote Path: Enter the name of the DreamObjects bucket
  4. When finished entering the above settings, click the Apply button.
  5. Click the Connect button to connect to DreamObjects.

CrossFTP now connects to your DreamObjects bucket.

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