Add users to a Dedicated server

Adding a Shell user

View the Creating a user with Shell (SSH) access article for instructions on adding a normal Shell user to your Dedicated server.

The Shell user is able to run basic Shell commands after logging into the server via SSH.

Adding an admin user

The normal Shell user cannot run sudo/root commands on the server. If you need to run sudo/root commands, you must create an admin user. 

To add an admin user:

  1. Navigate to Admin Users page in your panel.
  2. Click the + Add A User button at the top right.
    The 'Add User Details' page appears:
  3. Enter the following:
    • Username — A user name for the new user.
    • Nickname — A nickname for the new user. This is a quick reference name that only displays in your panel.
    • What server will this user have access to? — Click the down arrow and select the Dedicated server on which the user will have access.
    • Select the Shell Type — Select a Shell type that you wish to you use. You can select bash, tcsh, ksh, or zsh from the drop-down list. See the Shell types article for more information. 
    • I have read and agreed to the terms of use — Check the check box. You must check the 'terms of use' check box in order to add a new admin user.
  4. When finished, click the Create User button.

Important note about custom Admin user changes

With an admin user, you can make root/sudo changes to your server, but please note that your Dedicated server is still managed by DreamHost. This means that if you make any custom changes to Apache, they will be overwritten whenever an Apache config is run. This can happen when adding hosting to a domain, or adding an SSL certificate. 

If you make any custom changes, make sure to clearly note what they were so you can quickly fix anything that was overwritten.

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