WinSCP — How to run shell commands


WinSCP offers a feature named 'Remote Command' to execute some shell/SSH commands.

To use the 'Remote Command' feature, your user must be a SHELL user. In this article the user has been set up as an SFTP user. Visit the following article which explains how to adjust your user to become a SHELL user:

Running a Shell command

  1. To enter 'Remote Command', select the 'Commands' tab from the top menu.
    24 WinSCP.png
  2. From the 'Commands' dropdown, choose 'Open Terminal'.
    The following window displays after selecting this:
    25 WinSCP.png
  3. Click the OK button to proceed.
    The following window then appears
    26 WinSCP.png
    • You will now be able to enter shell/SSH commands to execute on your remote server environment.
    • Enter shell/SSH commands in the 'Enter command' text field
    • Click the Execute button to run the command
    The following example shows the ls -la command along with its output after it runs:
    27 WinSCP.png

WinSCP does not support commands that require terminal emulation or user input. If you require a fully featured terminal, you may find PuTTY to be more useful.

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