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You can read more about it at Weebly.com.

Pointing your domain to Weebly

If your domain is registered at DreamHost, you can point it to Weebly using two 'A' records. Before you begin, please review how to move hosting to another company (see Option #2 in the following article):

Use the following steps to point your domain to Weebly.

  1. Make sure your domain is set to DNS only. Visit the following articles for further details:
  2. Once it's set to DNS only, review the following article to learn how to add custom 'A' records using Weebly's DNS records:
  3. Create TWO 'A' records (using both a blank and a 'www' hostnames). Use the Add More + button to add more records:
    Add A Record
    • Record #1: An 'A' record with a blank hostname.
    • Record #2: An 'A' record with the 'www' hostname.
    • Records #1 and #2: Contact Weebly to obtain the correct IP address and then enter it into the 'Points to' field box. 

Once those records are saved, it may take 6 hrs or more to update online. You can check the status of your DNS changes using either of the following links:

When the DNS has updated, your site is ready to be hosted at Weebly.

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