How can I create custom or vanity nameservers?

It is possible to create custom/vanity nameservers for domains that are registered with DreamHost. For example, if your site is, the nameservers would automatically be set as follows:


Since your site is registered with DreamHost, you can change those nameservers to match your domain. For example:


These will function the same way except that the name of the DNS record is altered along with which hosting company it points to. To create these in your panel, follow each step below:

  1. Navigate to (Panel > 'Domains' > 'Registrations').
  2. Click the Whois Info button located next to your domain registration (or, if you have multiple registrations, check the box under the ‘Modify Whois?’ column next to the domain you want to modify and then click the Modify whois! button).
  3. On the next page, click the Nameservers tab and select the ‘Use another host's nameservers’ radio button to change your nameservers.
    In the example below uses the site and the nameservers are adjusted to match:
    01 Vanity NS.png
  4. Click the blue Save Nameservers button to save.
  5. You're presented with a screen with errors for the IP address fields.
    Make sure to enter the non-DreamHost IP addresses for each corresponding Vanity Nameserver if you're pointing away from DreamHost. If you're hosting your site at DreamHost, use DreamHost's Nameserver IPs:
    02 Vanity NS Error.png
  6. Click the blue Save Nameservers button to save.
    A Success! confirmation confirms the nameservers have been saved:
    03 Vanity NS Updated.png

DreamHost does not support creating vanity nameservers that point TO DreamHost nameserver IPs. Vanity Nameservers only currently work when the DNS remains pointed AWAY from DreamHost.

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