How to clear or temporarily suspend your Cloudflare cache


If you need to clear your Cloudflare CDN cache, you can clear it for a domain in a variety of ways. Cloudflare recommends purging single files from your cache, when possible, rather than clearing your entire cache.

Clearing your entire cache at

To clear your cache:

  1. Log in to your account at
    CloudFlare Cache
  2. Click the 'Caching' button in the top menu.
  3. Under the Purge Cache section click the Purge Everything button.
    CloudFlare Cache_01
  4. In the pop-up box, click 'Purge Everything'.

This immediately clears the entire Cloudflare cache.

Clearing a single file

  1. Log in to your account at
    CloudFlare Cache
  2. Click the 'Caching' button in the top menu.
  3. Click the Custom Purge button.
  4. Select the radio button titled 'URL:'. 
    CloudFlare Cache_02
  5. In the pop-up box, enter up to 30 files you want to clear the cache for.
  6. Click the 'Purge' button when finished.

Purging a single file from Cloudflare's cache immediately removes that resource from Cloudflare's cache, and the subsequent request for that resource will re-add that resource to the cache with the latest version served from the DreamHost server.

Wildcards are not supported with a single file purge at this time (e.g.,*.js will NOT work). You must specify the exact full path to the file, including the or Those methods are distinct for cache purge purposes.

Clearing your cache in the DreamHost panel

  1. Go to Manage Domains.
    To the right of your domain is a Clear Cache button:
    CloudFlare clear cache button
  2. Click the Clear Cache button to purge the entire cache on your domain.

Enabling development mode

If you need to temporarily suspend Cloudflare’s caching and optimization features, you’ll want to to enable development mode. Development mode is useful if you are making changes to cacheable content and need to see these changes immediately.

To enable Development Mode, scroll down on the 'Cache' page to the section titled Development Mode. Toggle the On/Off option to enable.

13 CloudFlare.fw.png
  • Development mode lasts 3 hours and automatically turns off unless you manually turn it on again.
  • Development mode does not clear your cache – it just suspends it for 3 hours.

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