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As an “Optimized Hosting Partner” DreamHost offers the ability to enable unique Cloudflare features directly inside your DreamHost Panel.

The following options appear only if you have enabled the Cloudflare Plus plan on your domain. View the following article for information on how to enable Cloudflare:


Polish automatically optimizes the images on your site. With Polish enabled, Cloudflare automatically optimizes any image it caches and subsequently serves only the optimized image from the cache. This can be very beneficial for viewing content on mobile devices which have limited bandwidth. Polish will only work with the following image file extensions:

  • .jpeg
  • .png
  • .gif
  • .img

Polish is only available for paid Cloudflare subscriptions both at DreamHost and at Cloudflare. Polish has three settings in the panel:

Disables Polish for the domain.
Also known as “lossless mode”, removes all unnecessary data such as metadata and image headers without touching the image data. This does not change how the image appears and usually reduces an image by approximately 21% according to Cloudflare. Metadata is stripped from PNG, GIF, and JPEG files. PNG and GIF files are also subject to lossless compression.
Basic + JPG
Also known as “lossy mode”, removes the same unnecessary data in basic mode but it also compresses and converts large JPEG images resulting in an average file reduction of 48% according to Cloudflare tests. The compression does change the image, but for most images the changes are imperceptible to the average visitor.

When enabling Polish, make sure to fully purge your Cloudflare cache. For instructions on how to do this, please see the clearing the cache article.


Mirage is a system that automatically manages the loading of images in order to maximize your site’s performance. Mirage does this by responding to how your visitors are connecting to your site and prioritizing the loading of images based on the visitor's browser window size and other factors.

This keeps visitors from needing to download images and other data they aren't actively using which improves the overall performance of your site. Mirage can be particularly beneficial for mobile devices and you can read more about Mirage on Cloudflare’s blog:

Mirage will only work with the following image file extensions:

  • .jpeg
  • .png
  • .gif
  • .img

Mirage is only available for paid Cloudflare subscriptions both at DreamHost and Cloudflare.

  • To enable or disable Mirage, simply check or uncheck the 'Enable Cloudflare Mirage?' check box.

Lazy Loading

Lazy Loading enables Cloudflare to delay the loading of images until absolutely necessary using the same technologies as Mirage.

  • To enable or disable Lazy Loading, simply check or uncheck the 'Enable Lazy Loading?' check box.

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