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The following covers the process of adding stats users, adding and editing stats, and accessing a domain stats URL.

How do I get stats for my website?

Site statistics are not available on DreamPress plans.

Website owners often like to know how much traffic their site is getting at any given time. DreamHost offers a way to set up site stats for a domain on the Site Statistics page. From the Site Statistics page, you can add a Stats User, activate statistics for a domain, and configure statistics reports.

Adding a Stats User

Site statistics begin to record only after you create a user. You cannot obtain any site statistics before then.

Adding a Stats User is also useful for protecting domain stats and providing access to another person.

To add a Stats User:

  1. Navigate to the Site Statistics page.
  2. Click the Add one? link under the Stats users column.
  3. Create a Username and Password. This user may only be used to access your stats and cannot be used for anything else in the panel.
  4. Click the Add User button to save the changes

If you would like to add an additional Stats User, you can do so by clicking on the Add Stats User button to the right of your chosen domain.

Enabling specific stats reports on a domain

To enable specific stats reports:

  1. Navigate to the Site Statistics page.
  2. Click the Configure button to the right of the domain.
    Checkboxes appear for Month, Day, and Longterm reports on the following page.
  3. Check the Active? box for any you’d like to begin tracking.
  4. Click the Change Web Report Settings Now button to save your changes.

Customizing your stats reports

To customize your reports for any domain:

  1. Navigate to the Site Statistics page.
  2. Click the Configure button to the right of the domain.
  3. On the next page, click the Edit button to the right of either the ‘Month’, ‘Day’, or ‘Longterm’ report.
    Various report types appear (such as weekly, daily, or hourly reports) that can be configured.
  4. Once you’ve customized your stats report, click the Save Changes button to save your new settings.

Accessing your Stats URL

Once stats are active for a domain, you can access them by loading the /stats subdirectory in your browser. For example, if you just enabled stats on the domain example.com, you’d then visit example.com/stats.

  • A login prompt appears after you enter example.com/stats.
  • If you’re using a CMS such as WordPress, you may need to add additional code to your site's .htaccess file in order to access the /stats login page.
  • View the Making stats accessible with an .htaccess file article for further instructions.

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