Wix.com is a cloud-based web development platform that allows users to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites, through the use of their online drag and drop tools.

You can read more about their services at wix.com.

Pointing your DreamHost domain to Wix

To point your domain from DreamHost to Wix, you must first upgrade your account at Wix to a premium plan, then change your DNS settings.

There are two options to point your DNS to Wix:

The best option is to point your nameservers to Wix. Pointing nameservers is recommended as Wix will then control all of your DNS records including email. If you want to only host your site at Wix and continue hosting email at DreamHost, you must point A records instead.

Upgrade your domain at Wix

Before you can connect a domain to Wix, it must be upgraded to a premium plan. View the following articles for instructions on how to upgrade and locate your nameservers at Wix:

Changing your nameservers at DreamHost

Visit the following article which describes how to adjust your nameservers for a domain registered at DreamHost:

Waiting for the DNS to update

Once you have updated your nameservers, it may take 72 hours to propagate online. You can check the status of your DNS changes using either of the following links:

Can I export my Wix site to DreamHost?

No, you cannot. Sites created at Wix can only be accessed within their hosting environment. It's not possible to log in to their servers to see the code as it is with DreamHost. As such, you cannot export a Wix site to a different hosting provider.

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