WinSCP — Creating sessions


Sessions are saved connection settings. Creating a session allows you to connect to a server very quickly rather than having to input all of your data every time you want to connect.


Creating a Session

  1. Click the Session tab on the top menu.
  2. Choose New Session from the dropdown.
    The following dialog box displays:
    15 WinSCP.PNG
  3. Just as you did when you initially made your first connection, enter the connection credentials for this new session.
    16 WinSCP.png
  4. Click the Save button to save these credentials into a new session.
    The following dialog box then displays:
    17 WinSCP.PNG
    • This window allows the naming of the session that was programmed.
    • The default name is probably perfect so you can use that (it's a combination of the user@hostname which is a good description for the session); but, you can rename it anything you want.
    • It's best to use whatever makes the most sense to you as you'll be the one using it.

    If you wish to save the password for this session, make sure to check the check box next to 'Save password'. If this is not checked, you'll need to enter the password the next time you attempt a connection with this session.

  5. Click the OK button to save.
    18 WinSCP.PNG

After the session is saved, you will notice the saved session name on the left hand side of the WinSCP dialog box.

Connecting using a saved session

On the left side of the WinSCP dialog box you'll see your saved session. Double click it to connect.

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