WinSCP — Changing your preferences


There are several preferences you can adjust to make WinSCP more user friendly. To open Preferences, click the gear icon under the 'Options' tab:

20 WinSCP.png

Using the Commander interface

All examples have used the 'Commander' interface. This is recommended since it looks and acts like every other graphical FTP client which is very intuitive and simple. However, you can also use the 'Explorer' interface if you like.

  1. Click the gear icon under the 'Options' tab.
    The 'Preferences' dialog box appears:
    21 WinSCP.png
  2. Under the 'Environment' category (on the left, within the list of preferences), choose 'Interface'.
    • You can choose between the 'Commander' and 'Explorer' interface options.
    • If you change from one interface to the other, you won't see the change until you restart WinSCP.

Setting the maximum number of transfers at the same time

  1. Under the 'Transfer' category, choose 'Background'.
    22 WinSCP.png
  2. To the right of 'Maximal number of transfers at the same time', choose a value. The example above sets this at 4.

Setting timeout values

  1. Under the 'Transfer' category, choose 'Endurance'.
    23 WinSCP.png
  2. Review each option and set as necessary for the displayed time intervals.

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