Subversion has been removed from the DreamHost panel. If you had previously configured Subversion on your domain, it will continue to function normally.


TortoiseSVN is a Subversion client. It is a graphical interface you can use on your Windows computer to connect to your SVN repository at DreamHost. Using a client in this way allows you to manage your repository without running any shell commands as shown in the Subversion article.

This article is a very simple example of how to use TortoiseSVN. For further instructions, please view the official site:

Downloading TortoiseSVN

Visit the following link to download TortoiseSVN to your computer:

Connecting to your repository

  1. Create a repository in your DreamHost panel as detailed in the following article:
  2. On your Windows computer, navigate to an empty directory.
    In this example, a folder named /TortoiseSVN/mysvn has been created in the /Documents folder:
    01 TortoiseSVN.png
  3. Right-click anywhere in this directory.
  4. In the menu, select 'SVN Checkout'.
    02 TortoiseSVN.png
  5. In the prompt, enter your site URL followed by the name of the Subversion project. This is the name you created in the panel.
    03 TortoiseSVN.png
  6. Click the OK button. TortoiseSVN connects to your repository and checks it out to your local computer, and a confirmation message appears showing what revision it's currently at.
    This also creates a .svn folder on your computer:
    04 TortoiseSVN.png
  7. Move any files you like into this working copy directory.
    In this example a simple text file is the only thing added:
    05 TortoiseSVN.png
  8. Right-click in the folder, and then select 'TortoiseSVN > Add' from the menu.
    • Even though the file is in the directory, it must still be added to the working copy.
    This adds the file to the working copy:
    06 TortoiseSVN.png
  9. Commit the change by right clicking and selecting 'SVN Commit...'.
    07 TortoiseSVN.png
  10. In the commit window, add a message to remind you why you're making this commit.
  11. Select the file and then click OK.
    A confirmation message displays with your new revision number:
    08 TortoiseSVN.png

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