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Microsoft Exchange server is a mail server created by Microsoft. It's possible to host your website at DreamHost but still use Microsoft for email. This requires you to set up a few DNS records. This article explains what needs to be adjusted.

Finding your DNS settings

The following assumes your Nameservers are controlled at DreamHost. If they are not, you must make these changes at the company where your Nameservers are pointed.

When you create your Exchange account, you are given specific DNS records. These can be added in your DreamHost panel. The following link is a general overview of what records Microsoft may give you:

Once you have the list of DNS records from Microsoft, enter them into your DreamHost panel. The following article walks you through how to create different types of Custom DNS records.

View the following article for information on how to change your MX records:

DNS propagation

Once you have added your custom DNS records, they must then update online. This can take several hours. View the following DNS propagation articles for more information:

Troubleshooting certificate mismatch errors

View the following article for instructions on how to resolve any SSL certificate mismatch errors:

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