phpBB (PHP Bulletin Board) is a forum program that allows you to create a space on your website to have members talk about different subjects and ideas or anything you like. You can visit phpBB's website for more details and to see examples of it being used.


phpBB is available to DreamHost users as a One-Click Install.

Once installed, an email is sent to the primary email address listed on your DreamHost account. This email contains all of your database information and full instructions on how to install. You can get started by visiting your phpBB site at:


After entering your database information and clicking Proceed to next step, you may see the following error:


This just means that your database hostname was just created and needs a few hours for the DNS to update online. You could wait about 4 hrs until it updates, or you could use another hostname on your account. Check the MySQL Databases page for a list of your existing hostnames.

They are all interchangeable, so any of them will work for any database on your account.


Before making any adjustment to your site, it's always a good idea to backup your data. View the following article to backup both your databases and your website files:

If your phpBB install is a One-Click Install, you can upgrade in your panel. View the How to Upgrade a One-Click Install article for details.

If you're running a manual installation, view the phpBB update guide for detailed instructions.


For assistance with problems related to phpBB, you can contact their support forums at the link below:

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