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Byte ranging is a process that allows the server environment to serve specific parts of a request without the need to execute the entire request. The client can request portions of a large file rather than the need for the entire file. This type of functionality may be useful when portions of a large media file (PDF, podcast, video, audio, and so on) are requested while the rest of the content is being loaded in the background. Byte ranging is also used when continuing the download of a file that has been partially downloaded or interrupted.

How do I enable byte range?

Byte ranging is already built into Apache so there is no need to "enable" it.

  • If you are using iTunes or having byte-range issues with audio/video/podcast files, the issue is instead with how the file is handled within that third-party software.
  • If the file you are accessing is on a WordPress website, the website owner or developer must make adjustments to the code since there is nothing to adjust on the server.

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