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Manage Domains

The Manage Domains page allows you to manage the following features for your domains.

The ‘Manage Domains’ page allows you to manage your domain’s hosting. Here you can add hosting and adjust the domain’s settings, and you can also restore a domains web files from here as well.

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The Registrations page is where you can register a new domain and manage current domain registrations you have with DreamHost. Domain WHOIS modifications (including nameservers) can be made from here, as well as registration renewal settings and domain locking.

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Reg. Transfer

The Reg. Transfer page is where you can transfer a domain registration to or from DreamHost, as well as obtaining the domain’s authorization code.

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SSL/TLS Certificates

On the SSL/TLS Certificates page, you can add an SSL certificate to your domain, which allows the domain to be accessed using the HTTPS protocol.

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One-Click Installs

The One-Click Installs page is where you would install and manage one-click applications such as MediaWiki, WordPress, concrete5, and Joomla.

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